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How we started our company without any support

Information about us

Hello everyone myself Devraj Singh Tomar. I am an entrepreneur. I started my online company in 2019 which name is Dev Digital Solutions. It’s a digital marketing agency  based in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. We standout for Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing and social media marketing.

 For starting  your own company you don’t nee to be a millionaire. You just need to be a good plan, right approach and support of experienced one of your field.

About Me

In my case it starts when I was 12 year old young boy. I love technology. Most of the time I  thought that how these technical stuff works like Mobile, Internet and many more things. As a result I am very curious to know all about it so i decided to know and learn everything.On the other hand I never thought that I get good money from it or there is a good scope on it. I decided to learn because i have strong desire to know.

I started learning programming language ( C language) but in the beginning i got stuck in it many time on the other hand i never stop learning. Today i know html, css, javascript, python and c# (c-sharp).

Mostly I learn all the skills i have (Graphics, web and application, game development and digital marketing etc. ) online with the help of google MAHARAJ .

Now I am running a small online  business according to me here’s what you must know before starting a business.

  1. Think about will my business make money ?
  2. You have Effective Business Plan.
  3. You have sources of start-up financing.
  4. Set up basic marketing plan like Advertising.
  5. Think about a Legal Structure for your Business like partnership information, LLCs etc.
  6. Choose a Business Name Make a website choose a good domain name that suits to your business.
  7. Register You Business Name 
  8. Prepare Organizational Paperwork – Partnership, LLC, C Corporation and S Corporation.
  9. most importantly Find a Business Location.
  10. File or license and permits.
  11. And lastly Obtain Insurance.

Dev Digital Solutions

Hello, I'm Devraj Singh I'm Designer and Developer, life long learner, and ready for new opportunities. A bit about me, i love programming, music, teach and all the things creative. CEO & Founder - Dev Digital Solutions

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