You are currently viewing Instagram Account How to get Verified(blue tick)

Instagram Account How to get Verified(blue tick)

Today we are going to talk about how to get Blue Tick by An Amazing Trick on Instagram (For a Prank).Mostly we all know Instagram is getting popular day by day and you all also want to be famous on Instagram. If we get Verified blue Tick on Instagram profile then it means you are well known Celebrity….

Get Blue Tick On Instagram

But we all know that Instagram is very choosy while giving Blue Tick because Instagram gives Blue Tick only those who has lot of Followers. or Person who is Public Figure like well known person.If you want to know more about all the Criteria to become applicable of Blue Tick Verification then you have to visit Instagram’s official website FAQ Section There They Have Specified.

So today I will tell you the best trick to Get Blue Tick On your Instagram profile. Actually it’s a prank By doing Changes In Inspect Element now you are going to think that what it is but don’t worry i am going to make it easy for you. You all have to just follow all the steps which i Shown you below. So first let me tell you this sort  period of time so that you can fool your friends. So lets start…..

Download App From Link Below

Friends lets start with first step  – Friends you have to download one Application name is Edit Inspect Live HTML . I have Given you the application’s link at the and of this Article. So download the app from the link you get at the end of this article….

Step 1 :

Open Inspect and Edit HTML Live application and Type . After that Instagram will opened then login your Instagram account for which one you want verified Blue Tick. If you face problem while Login so simply choose login with Facebook option. It will login fast if you login throughout your Facebook account.

Step 2 :

After completion of step 1 you have to do just go in the search section in the Instagram and after you go in search section you need to search for any person or celebrity who Already Has Verified Blue Tick. For example people like Narendra Modi, Amitabh Bachchan. all this type of popular people has verified Blue Tick on their Instagram profile. So What You Need to do is go to the anyone of them’s account For now we will go to Sidharth Shukla (big boss winner 2020)’s Account.

Step 3 :

So After you land on Sidharth shukla’s Instagram Account. On the Top side of this app you get a button which has symbol of Hand. So you just have to simply tab on that button after you tab on that button(hand symbol) it turn on and glow(yellow color).

Step 4 :

After turning on button( hand symbol) now you just have to touch on the blue tick right after the name of Sidharth Shukla. After you touch on blue tick you will see a new page open with background codes. Now our real trick start here copy the code which I shown You above in the image.

Step 5 :

After copied the code come back and Now turn of that button(hand symbol).

Step 6 :

After you turn off hand symbol come back to you own Instagram profile on that you want blue tick. Now after coming on profile again turn on  That button(hand symbol) and then touch just after  you Instagram name as shown above in the image.

Step 7 :

Now again you will see new background code. Paste code in between </h2>paste code here</div>.exactly same place where i shown you above in the image and simply save the changes and when you will go back to your profile Boom. You are now verified on Instagram with Blue  Tick Fool you friends with this cool trick.

Download The App Here :

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